The Guardian of Cordelia's Swan Song (Tiny Tale Art) ~ Anthropomorphic Watercolor Collage Print

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Take a peek inside Gerushia's dreamy and surreal New World. A world filled with color and whimsy and curiosity. A world filled with unexpected twists and turns. Everyone is welcome!

"Cordelia loved to dance. Her days were filled with steps and turns and her nights were filled with dancing dreams. She was so happy, simply happy, while she danced ~

But she knew, deep down inside, she knew that her days were numbered and her dance would end. An ending that should never have been, yet it was a perfect Swan Song.

....and now ~ she rests. ♥♥"

You are viewing a signed and dated print on high quality, heavy weight, HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. With vibrant Vivera inks, the colors are bright and fabulous, and archival as well!!

Each Tiny Tale print comes with a little story that I wrote. The print image is 4" x 6" on a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. The corresponding story is printed on 8.5" x 11" calligraphy paper.

Hope you enjoy this watercolor / collage as much as I enjoyed making it!!

PLEASE NOTE: The watermark does not appear on the print.

"The Guardian of Cordelia's Swan Song" will be sent to you in a protective cardboard envelope.

COPYRIGHT 2012 by Kimberly Wlassak

Although you are purchasing this piece of art, you are not purchasing the right to reproduce it. The artist retains all rights to reproduction of this piece. It is not to be reproduced in any way without the written consent of the artist.

The Guardian of Cordelia's Swan Song (Tiny Tale Art) ~ Anthropomorphic The Guardian of Cordelia's Swan Song (Tiny Tale Art) ~ Anthropomorphic

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