Southern California artist, Kimberly Wlassak, grew up in a home surrounded by art. Inspired by dreams and nightmares, Johnny Appleseed skies, crayons and The Ozarks, she fell naturally into a life of whimsy and surrealism.

At the age of 10, Kimberly's story "The King of Cream Cheese Island" along with her illustrations, was published in the book "I'll Build My Friend...A Marble Mountain". It was at this time that she knew, for her, art was forever.

Although Kimberly has a fondness for all forms of art, it is the art of watercolor/collage that is her true passion. Bringing these two elements together has allowed her to create colorful and unexpected worlds. Worlds full of twists and turns, dreams and nightmares and dark whimsy.

Along with creating comes running an art business. Kimberly owns and operates "Gerushia's New World".

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Painter. Paster. Storymaker. Country girl stuck in the suburbs.

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